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© Elliott Erwitt
New York, 1953

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To cut on labour cost, 90 to 95% of cranberries that won’t be sold as fresh fruit are wet-picked. This involve flooding the fields with six to eight inches of water above the vines. Harvested cranberries float in the water and can be corralled into a corner of the bed and conveyed or pumped from the bed.

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This Grasshopper Stapler from Anthropologie is simply adorable!


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London, England

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In today’s GOOD NEWS: I salvaged a vintage globe and turned it into a lampshade!  

The globe’s owner — my aunt — tried for years to repair the decades-old globe (which had split apart and would no longer stand upright on its bent, rusted metal base). Last month, while visiting my aunt, I spotted the globe on top of her trash bin, grabbed it, and said we could find a way to reuse it. :)

Note: My lamp’s harp — the metal part that curves around the light bulb and onto which the shade gets screwed into place — is tall, leaving almost two inches of air space above the bulb. Stating the obvious, but still: When using a globe or other non-traditional item as a lamp shade, be sure there’s some open space around the bulb so the top of the lamp won’t get too hot. Also, as many of you know, using compact florescent lighbulbs (CFLs), which I use on this lamp and on others, can help reduce lamps’ heat output.

For earlier Unconsumption posts on other new uses for old globes and maps, see our Tumblr archive here, and Pinterest board here

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A gargoyle on a 13th century Scottish abbey has become an Internet sensation due to its resemblance to the creature from Alien.

Paisley Abbey was originally founded in 1245, and rebuilt in the early 1300s, and the recent “discovery” of an Alien-like gargoyle has inspired considerable media speculation about the sculptor’s extraterrestrial influences. 

However, following pictures of the Alien-gargoyle appearing on-line and in news reports, it has been revealed that the Abbey had some renovations in the 1990s, which included many of the original gargoyles being replaced.

Minister of Paisley Abbey, the Reverend Alan Birss suspects that one of the stonemasons involved in the renovation may have been having a bit of fun.

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Photography by Josef Koudelka: Constanța, Romania, 1994. The head of Lenin, part of the props used during location shooting of the film ‘Ulysse’s Gaze’.

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